Drinking water fund

An important initiative started by IBOTA is the Sponsorplan Clean Water

Commissioned by the IBOTA foundation different drinking water filters have been developed. Several of these filters have been specifically designed for use in emergency situations.

In these situation the neccessity of clean and safe drinking water is a vital need. By using these filters, a family or small community can create their own clean and safe drinking water from contaminated or polluted surface water.

For an amount of only € 55,00 a family filter can be sponsored.These water filters will be made immiediately available in a disaster area, through mediation of an onsite partner organization.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated and can be donated by bank or wire transfer to IBAN code: NL69 RABO 0396537723, indicating the 'Sponsorplan Cleanwater'.

For more information concerning this project please contact the IBOTA foundation. Contact information is available on the contact page.

Information concerning the AQUA Logic drinking water filters can be found on www.innologic.nl   


Water, source of life

Productie waterfilters India

The main objective of the IBOTA Foundation is to provide clean and save drinking water for all people. To address this urgent problem in a world with a fast growing population, small scale mobile water filters are developed as commisioned by the IBOTA Foundation.
A future for the underprivileged poor
IBOTA aims to help socially weak people (regardless their background) become aware of their potential, and to aid them to realise their dreams by giving them a hopeful future. That is why parts of waterfilters are produces in a technical projects, located in one the large Red Light districts of the city of Calcutta in India. Next to the production of parts for water filters other product are also produces in this project, like electronic parts and stationary products. see: www.innologic.nl and  www.lovecalcuttaarts.com
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