This is IBOTA​

life saving

Our water filters save lives. Both in disaster areas and developing countries

small-scale & local

IBOTA has small-scale projects where the responsibility lies within the community. In addition, IBOTA works together with local partners to keep lines as short as possible

simple and affordable

For less than 25 euros you can help a family with clean drinking water with a very simple to use water filter.


In collaboration with local partners, IBOTA provides education and training in the field of WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

Established in 1997

The IBOTA (International Bridge Of Technical Assistance) Foundation was established in 1997, after founder Peter Koelewijn was struck in India by the great need for clean and safe drinking water.

In the slums of Calcutta

Part of the production of the water filters is done in Calcutta (Kolkata), India. This is being done as an employment project in the slums of this metropolis. In this way underprivileged people contribute to a solution for a worldwide problem: clean drinking water!


IBOTA mainly works with volunteers, which means that 95% of the funds are used directly for the projects.

Vision and objective


Making resources available for drinking water treatment in developing areas and emergencies, including in collaboration with local partners.


To provide underprivileged people in developing countries with the opportunity to be involved in the manufacture of products in order to provide for their own livelihood.