Water filters

In order to meet specific requirements, the IBOTA Foundation has had various water filters developed. These filters are often given away FREE of charge for people who do not have access to clean drinking water. Each family gets its own filter. As a result, the responsibility and ownership lies with the people themselves and not with the community. All filters can easily be used by a family for at least a year.

Below we discuss the water filter most commonly used in development work:
the AQUA Logic Siphon-C-Ultra filter.

This filter is for sale in the AQUA Logic webshop

Siphon – C-Ultra – water filter

The Siphon – C-Ultra filter is an Ultra filter with a high reduction of micro-organisms, such as the E-coli bacteria, which is reduced by 99.9999 %.

This is a three-stage filter.
The first stage consists of a double fleece filter cover, the so-called sediment filter. This stops all visible pollution. Think of sand for example.
The second stage is an activated carbon filter, in which odor, color and flavors are adsorbed.
The third stage consists of an Ultrafilter of hundreds of capillary tubes with a pore size of 0.03 microns, which stops micro-organisms.

The principle of use is very simple. All you need is a bucket with contaminated water, from which the Siphon-C-Ultra siphons the water by gravity.

The Siphon-C-Ultra filter is a so-called Point of Use filter. This means that the water is treated where it is used. This minimizes the risk of contamination during the journey from source to user